Four Wheel Campers have been around over 45 years! The first Four Wheel Camper was built in Colorado in 1972 by a gentleman named Dave Rowe who came up with an idea for a super light weight pop-up camper. The first Four Wheel Camper was built on an International Scout chassis and not a typical pickup truck. Transition to pickup trucks came soon after the company started and eventually the campers for Blazers, Broncos, and Scouts were phased out of production.

The Rowe family sold Four Wheel Campers about 15 years after starting the company and haven’t been part of the business since. At that time the new owner, Jack Billings moved the factory from Colorado to California not far from FWC headquarters today. Then in 1996, Ben Burnett bought the company from Jack Billings. The design stayed the same, production increased, and more and more people became aware of Four Wheel Pop-Up Campers.

In 2001, Tom and Celeste Hanagan became the new owners and is when Four Wheel Campers started evolving into the more modern and comfortable product it is today. Staying true to the basic concept the entire camper was redesigned system by system and the camper brought into the modern era. All of the remaining particle board was phased out, the electrical system was redesigned, and components ranging from foam to fabrics to plumbing fittings were improved one by one. The company established an in-house sewing shop to better control quality and also designed a brand new pop-up liner. A seamless one piece roof was introduced and decades worth of lessons were taken from world travelers using the campers which allowed Four Wheel Campers to improve weak points in the aluminum frame.  Today, the camper is stronger than ever. It is truly a work in progress and is a result of the company’s dedication to its customers.

The work force is currently the best it has ever been and Four Wheel Campers continues to grow year after year. The future brings more improvement, much of it suggested by owners who use the product on a regular basis, many who camp in punishing conditions off the grid. Four Wheel Campers is committed to research and development and is continuously studying new materials and building techniques in order to lighten, strengthen, and improve our campers.


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