The Four Wheel Camper is much more refined today than it was in the 1980′s but the core concept has remained the same.¬† Build a frame that manages bed flex without coming apart, apply the weight at the lowest possible center of gravity and make the overall construction so light and durable that it doesn’t alter drivability of the vehicle.

Four Wheel Campers builds a very strong and light weight frame fabricated from aluminum tube and extruded aluminum channel. Much like an airplane, the frame has the ability to flex during use which makes it so reliable for off-road travel. The basic idea for the aluminum frame is simple but has taken decades of experience to create a unique design that gives our frame superior strength and reliability.

Optimum off-road capability requires the camper to be designed with a low center of gravity. The minimal height over the cab of the truck is essential, and as much weight as possible from water tanks to battery compartments are kept low inside the camper.

Aluminum framing and skin helps keep the camper light and durable. Understated cabinetry provides lightweight simplicity and a greater feeling of spaciousness. Decorative design elements are kept to an absolute minimum to reduce weight and increase durability.

These simple, yet complex goals provide a small niche in the truck camper marketplace. Larger, more complex and much heavier truck campers provide amenities that our customers consider unnecessary. Instead, Four Wheel Campers embraces the ability to literally go camping in comfort anywhere your truck can reach safely and to do so without an lot of extra fluff.

Four Wheel is often dubbed the backpackers camper due to its light weight, utilitarian and minimalist approach to truck camping. The advantages not only apply to the serious overland traveler BUT ALSO to people that plan leisurely weekends to their favorite recreation area with friends and family.  In fact, anyone in search of a light-weight truck camper should seriously consider a Four Wheel Camper.


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