The benefits of over 45 years of proven success combined with superior workmanship, materials, and engineering identifies Four Wheel Campers as the highest quality, lightest weight, and most durable pop-up camper available today. As you review the contents of this site you will realize why so many people consider a Four Wheel Camper the best choice for light weight off-road travel.

Each camper is handmade in the USA by skilled craftsman using only the finest materials. For example, Four Wheel Campers does not use any particle or press-board in the construction of a camper and instead uses birch or doug-fir cabinet grade plywood. The unique welded aluminum FLEX-FRAME provides unparalleled strength and durability while also eliminating the possibility of dry rot associated with wooden-framed campers. The overall construction allows the camper to flex with the torque generated by the truck bed under off-road conditions while still maintaining its structural integrity.

Four Wheel Campers patented lift mechanism is like no other in the market. Instead of a complex lift arm apparatus with difficult linkage and geometry our system uses an articulated lift panel at the front and back of the camper. It provides a shear wall effect for exceptional stability in high winds, enables the top to be raised or lowered in less than 30 seconds,and also provides support for a 1,000lbs snow load on the roof. Unlike many traditional truck campers our campers do not extend far off the truck bed like allowing the user to easily tow a trailer with the stock tow hitch.

The superior low profile design produces less wind drag than other pop-up campers and helps maintain a lower center of gravity. Combined with its light weight the low profile design also helps to reduce fuel consumption, eliminates top heavy sway, and allows for parking in many garages. These designs combined with the quality of engineering, materials and craftsmanship allows Four Wheel to offer a superior off-road camper to fit virtually all truck applications. So whether you’re on a leisurely weekend trip to your favorite fishing hole, or multi-year overland journey around the globe, a Four Wheel Camper will provide the convenience, comfort, and durability to make your adventures a success.


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