Full Size Campers

A full size truck refers to a 1/2-ton truck or larger.  For example a Ford F-150 is considered a 1/2-ton where a F-250 and F-350 are a 3/4-ton and a 1-ton respectively.

A full size truck with a long bed generally refers to an 8’ length bed where a short-bed refers to a 6.5’ length bed.  There are also some 1/2 Ton trucks that have ultra-short beds that are 5.8’ in length.

Our Grandby is designed for a full size long bed (8′). Our most popular seller, the Hawk fits a short bed (6.5’) full size truck, and our Raven model fits the smallest (5.8’) of the full size truck beds.






Current Lead Time: 22 weeks

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