Flatbed Campers

Four Wheel Campers offers flatbed models specifically designed to be installed on a flat bed pickup truck.  The flatbed model offers considerably more volume for storage and living quarters over the traditional slide-in campers due to fact that the unit does not need to be designed around the wheel wells.

The camper is equipped with dinette seating in the rear and features a large amount of storage underneath the seats. The new floor-plan implements a side entry door providing protection from weather under the awning and provides for hassle free towing. The cab-over portion of the camper measures sixty inches and has added storage under the bed. All the appliances are installed at a low level in effort to keep the center of gravity as low as possible. The Flat Bed Models come with a radius overhang which provides for better departure angle in off-road situations.




Fleet Flatbed Model

Hawk Flatbed Model

Grandby Flatbed Model

Flatbed Camper Pricing and Options


Current Lead Time: 22 weeks

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