Four Wheel Campers offers full size and mid size campers in long bed, short bed, and flatbed configurations. Check out our different camper categories to find the model that will best fit your pick up truck.  And if you have any questions please contact us for assistance.

Four Wheel Campers offers three floor-plans to choose from inside a camper. The base model includes a roll-over couch however, there are also side-dinette and front-dinette floor-plans available for additional cost.

In general we try to use marine-grade fixtures, materials, and systems wherever possible as compared to more basic RV parts that don’t stand the test of time.  From the water pump to the fuse panel to the methods for applying sealants you will find more similarities to that of a nice sailboat rather than a typical motorhome.

Four Wheel Campers does not use particleboard, fiberboard, or other cheap materials in the interior of a camper. Vinyl flooring, while might be perceived as ordinary, is lightweight, durable and easy to clean. Fabrics are chosen not only for aesthetics, but also comfort and durability. The flexible pop-up liner is made from rugged vinyl coated synthetic material similar to that of a Zodiac inflatable boat or river raft (air tight & water proof). The pop-up liner is tightly fitted to the camper so it preforms exceptionally well in high winds. The camper walls and roof are insulated with rigid foam and we also offer a thermal package for the flexible pop-up liner making 4-season camping possible.

The exterior of the camper is sided with interlocking aluminum panels ensuring lightweight flexibility and outstanding durability. Modern hybrid and urethane marine-grade sealants have taken the place of products such as silicone that deteriorate over a relatively short period of time. Four Wheel Campers uses tempered glass in aluminum frames instead of European plastic windows that while stylish will scratch very easily and isn’t a realistic consideration for our owners to be buffing out scratches and re-applying protective films where they travel with these campers.

Since many Four Wheel Camper owners really do travel off-road, our combination of aluminum flex-frame and siding, well-appointed yet utilitarian interior, in a lightweight and low profile design makes reaching your off-road destination a real possibility.




Grandby (8′)

Hawk (6.5′)

Raven (5.8′)





Fleet (6.5′)

Swift (5.8′)















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